Platform (P1), ‘100sources’, endeavours to create a comprehensive digital repository, employing new methods for the digitalisation and scientific documentation of cultural heritage. The repository will include annotated bibliography, a compilation of historical evidence, and a digital map of cultural institutions (museums, exhibitions, associations), constituting a resource from which diverse groups of users will be able to draw substantiated material not only for research purposes, but also for cultural, educational, and tourist activities.

The 100sources platform will be available on the project’s website and will be mainly targeted towards the scientific and education community, local and national authorities, associations and citizen groups in order to assist them in producing texts and activities on the occasion of the centenary since 1922.

More specifically, the platform will comprise:

a) A repository of digitised primary materials (archival and physical evidence) related to the project’s topics and supported by a Digital Asset Management system. It will offer users both Basic and Advanced Search options with various filters. The repository will include at least 200 entries of primary material.

b) Introductory annotations and a comprehensive bibliography which will be compiled through the project’s activities. The users will be able to choose between Basic Search and Advanced Search by topic to explore the bibliography.

c) A digital map of all the associations and monuments documented throughout the implementation of the project.